This was a joke that I felt was rather amusing in the fact that it can be applied to many of us here :) "K.D.D" or "Kitsune Deficit Disorder" was/is a play on Attention-Deficit Disorder (A.D.D) and is best explained along similar lines of said disorder.. in particular the short attention span in certain situations in which it may not be appropriate. Syndromes of "K.D.D" include incredible weakness to certain pieces of "eye candies" "mind food" in particular the basic textures, and stems of thus. This incredibly Moronic (and yet sad because its true) writeup wouldnt have been possible without the slightly silly and mornic inputs of other kitsune such as Duo/Solo, Lily, Raxx, and my girlfriend Lira.


"Shiny" - This is the main root of all "K.D.D" technically everything can fall into such a category, but I choose to just classify thus as a general "smooth" reflective surface in which we can stare wide eyes like 3 year old children at something that fascinates us. In his sence "shiny" can be multiple objects. Mainly based on previous personal definitions shiny refers to a penny, tumbled stones/crystals and such. Generally earth related ores and nature related creations, reflecting shards of fractal light. Reflections of light from hand held mirrors or other shiny surfaces (when brought into motion) are also applicable for this category.

"Glittery" - Is one of the many sub-sections of the main root "shiny" items that fall into this category can include such things as glitter itself, or plastic toys/cups with any form(s) of metallic shards encrusted into something more solid we can wrap our paws around. (yanno those really cool wands with the bubble that makes the glitter and oil beads fall to the bottom.. hours of distraction on end for us XD) Glittery can also be a natural made wonder, such as Mica, quartz or pyrite embedded into stones. 'pika-pika' for Kitsune.

"Metallic" - Metallic is its namesake. Most things metallic can include chrome, those retro metal tumblers, wrenches and hand tools, or those nifty Gay pride rings..also I have seen wind chimes fall into this category. (and they jingle/chime too- which we will discuss latter) Weapons/Katanas/Knives also apply. In the cases of some Kitsune, the more ornamental the better.

"Opalescent" - Ok so its rainbow AND pearly.. two for one sale! *ding* Things in this category usually include abalone shells (and other shells) fashioned into jewelry.. or you never know..maybe some sandylion brand stickers :P either way, it makes rainbows and Kitsune become mindless zombies at the ever swirling mass of changing liquid like colors.

"Neon" - A very broad range. What Kitsune cant honestly say they haven't stared at the neon signs SOMEPLACE at any given time (especially those animated ones) Included too is the non luminescent forms of neon that include neon plastics in freaky retro 80's display aided along by black lights. Also in this subcategory are Glow in the dark items, those "electric balls" (also fashioned into other odd and sometimes obscene shapes XD) that emit different colored waves and when you touch them the fractal waves follow your hands..or nine tenths of the toys that are found in SPENCERS™. All though not supported by itself, BlackLights can also technically classify for this sub section.
(if you like being a fluorescent purple Myobu! :D)

"Clear/See-Through" - Most if not all plastics fall into this category, and can be combined with all the other aforementioned subcategories, this is perhaps the most entertaining of all as the possibilities are vast for multiple combinations. (yanno those yellow handles on screwdrivers X3) distorted/warped versions of 'clear' are among the most popular. Glass is another substitutable form of matter, marbles, balls, orbs it can hold and attain all that plastics can. I'm not sure of the validity of this; but Mirrors, both ordinary ones and fun house mirrors seem to fit nicely as well.

"Binky/Flashy" - Ok answer me this, what Kitsune HASENT at one given point in time stared at the rapid pulsating lights being emmitted from one of those cell phone kiosks in the mall that top peoples Antennas when they ring. The cheap toys in walgreens/CVS that are jell filled and randomly flash hues of red green and blue. The necklaces and other random crap that come in plastic eggs at 50 cent machines. Its all here. ;) Toys that Ravers play with are featured here too such as glowsticks



Usually in this sence elements such as wind and water and sunlight play important roles in the aid of Motion stimulus.

"Swishy/Sway" - Similar to the motion of metronomes, clock pendulums, pendants or a tail waving in the winds said objects in motion is are bound to de-rail a kitsune's so called train of thoughts into a hypnotic entranced state of bliss.

"Spinny" - Examples of these are wind toys (wind socks) pinwheels (and propeller powered objects) and hell even the occasional blade of a ceiling fan, in moments of boredom we of the vulpine persuasion have been known to focus our affixation on a certain focal point, and then proceed to rotate our eyeballs in our sockets, leading eventually to the circular motions of the head....followed prompty by a headche X_x;

"Bouncy/Springy" - Up, down, Up, down, Up, down, repeat. Anything made of rubber and/or inflated with air. Or a tightly wound coil of metal that when released makes a "sprooooinnnng" noice. Like the bonce of a brightly coloured ball; it lifts out spirits up on high and fills us with the enthusiasim a 3 year old wired on pixy sticks and pop rockswould have XD



Theirs also 'ear candy' involved, As us Kitsune know certain sounds can set us off into a juvenile frenzy of giggles/tears of laughter, or lull and soothe out spirits into a lulled traced like state. I'll attempt to elaboratly classify these; but for now they are so eloquently listed by what we nickname them as:

Clicks (or 'clicky/snappy') - Surely their isn't a kitsune out there whom hasn't played with a juice bottle/soda cap and drove everyone bat-shit insane within hearing radius, or played their own versions of "Morse speed code" (AKA click as rapidly and obnoxiously as possible XD) add along side that those toys you often find in 25/50¢ machines that look like little plastic jointed snake-like legos that one can twist in all sorts of directions, making a plethora of clacking and popping noises, all though not technically a "clicky" noise, "poppy" also known as BubbleWrap can be a kitsune "babysitter"

Chimes/Bells (or 'dingy/Jingly') - If its metal, and it hangs form something it falls into this category, be it finely tuned wind chimes, gongs, bells of all shapes and sizes (yes Christmas time = yay for kitsune!) or even something so simplistic as a ring full of keys, a shitload of keychains dangling off some one backpack swaying in the wind. Our animalistic urges rise like a cat getting a euphoric high from catnip and we cant help but bat at, tap, paw prod and poke said things. Which is why most stores have childproof locks and keep thing above and behind a 3 foot counter....because of us. >:3

Whistles ('tooty/chirpity') - Penny whistles, Whistle Pops, Whistle candy dime and dollar store noise markers, Or just crap like this :D When a kitsune and its accute sence of hearing, zones in on one of these poor unsuspecting peices of prey its all over- both its poor platic victim and the eardrums of any living being within a 50 mile radius, fear not however- for Kitsune has small little lung power and vocalizations don't last for long spurts of time. (unless of course..the kitsune was in band..)
**If you of a non-vulpine persuasion find yourself in a citation like this, DO NOT under any means let the Kitsune see your seething migraine-like state of being, for it will only instigate its obnoxious behavior further, instead try to thwart it by waving something shiny (as we discussed earlier) in its face.


Its importaint to keep a Kitsune's brain mentally sharpened, listed below are some noted means.

Puzzle balls- You've seen them in the machines in food stores for 50 cents, Neon plastic balls that interlock and have warnings up he ass all over them not to give them to infants or toddlers, and yet..they give them to us Kitsune, which are just as bad. :P once assembled we roll these around on the floor/in our hands for a bit, disassemble them, reassemble, and then eventually do the worst possible things of placing them in out mouths and spouting them out like cannon balls. Once covered in too much spittle the novelty of this toy wears off and your safe.

Rubix cube-
Hours of cubular entertainment on ends! Seriously, if you want to keep a Kitsune occupied by 54 squares of RGB colored goodness toss them one of these. If you really want to be a prick peel off the stickers and put them in the wrong place; for either a mental challenge or a hissy fit XD

Chain links-
If theirs a weak spot, we'll find it! just like other puzzles Kitsune are known for loving these dime store pieces of misshapen metal. It also jingles and rattles which is an added bonus. Giving a Kitsune one of these will end up in one of three ways, a solved puzzle and a vulpine with a smug grin, a puzzle that has been since turned into a toy of juvenile amusement simply for its sound, or an emergency room visit (don't ask <.<)


Kitsune love the feeling of holding oddly shapen/odd textures things in their paws. similar to the way an Otter holds onto a shell or has a favorite rock tool for breaking things open, the stimulus of touch plays an important role.

Knobby/odd shapen- Weathed driftwood or plastic massage toys we love to wrap our grubby little paws around things that have iiregular shapes to them. 'Pinhead' falls into the catagoty too, as Kitsune love to mush their faces againts the flat metal ends and make rude/obscene jestures in its imprints :D

Be it scratching out nails/bodies, or sensually rubbing our paw pads, Kitsune love to feel odd textures between their toes and against their fur. Sadly, This will often result in odd stares in public places, Parents telling their spawn/brats not to stare at the strange person, and a commonly heard phrase: "Sir/Ma'am Please dont do that or you will be asked to leave the store.."

Beanbags/foam peanuts/sand-
It crinkles/pops and is made of of 3/4's air/is gritty! mush, squish or chew as long as something is stuffed with it, we'll play with it, toss it, punch it, flop in/on it. We'll curl ourselfs tighter then a wound spring or sprawl outselfs out on it. This is the reason why many such products have warning lables on them, Us kitsune cant help it we find creative and slightly unorthodox uses for everyday human products.

I'll use beds/linens as a good example of this- most Kitsune are known for making "nests" out of their beds, which includes 10 layers of blankets and pillows. duck down, cashmere, cotton, wool, flannel etc. We will burrow toss and turn until the so called bed has been obliterated into a former pile of itself and everything is in its misplaced spot, and only THEN can we rest soundly. Space foam beds? indefinitely. Anything that to the point of where we step/lay on it and we sink in 5 inches or more is good.;3